day 1 - May 30th

Main Entrance

Registration Opens

Exploration Hall


Opening Keynote • Main Stage

Lunch • Exploration Hall

Main Stage North

Unity’s Map Quest: Barry Schuler

Barry Schuler - DFJ Growth

Roy Ng - Mapbox

Ground Floor

Maps and the World's Storytellers: The National Geographic Explorers Program

Kaitlin Yarnall - National Geographic Society

Ross Donihue - Maps for Good

Caleb Kruse - Leap Motion

David Lang - OpenROV

Code Lab

Lasers and Crashes

Aaron Nathan - Point One Navigation

Dan Shapiro - Glowforge

Closing Keynote • Main Stage North

Everyone working on autonomous vehicles is doing it wrong

George Hotz

- After Party

day 2 - May 31st

Main Entrance

Registration Opens

Exploration Hall


First Floor Lounge

Robocar Workshop

Main Stage North

Middle Kingdom: 中国 Maps

An Tian Yu - Keep

Darwin Lu - eMapgo

Main Stage South

Cities: No More Guessing, Lots More Knowing

Michal Migurski - Remix

Nicholas Chim - Sidewalk Labs

Christina Franken - Mapbox

Carrie Bishop - City and County of San Francisco

Main Stage South

A Map First World

Aaron London - Lonely Planet

Judd Schoenholtz - Open Listings

Cady Wachsman - Uber

Alex White - Weedmaps

Sebastien Westerduin - Woov

Ben Bajarin - Creative Strategies, Inc.

Ground Floor

Lightning Talks: Data Visualizations Driving Bottom Lines

Michael Duffy - ERCOT

Ben Manning - GeoSpock

Piro Lera - Liberty Mutual

James Wagner - Project Atlas

Angelina Calderon - Mapbox

Keynote • Main Stage

Lunch • Exploration Hall

Main Stage North

Mapping the Crisis in Affordable Housing

Emily Badger - New York Times

Eugene Chen - Darkhorse Analytics

James Minton - The Eviction Lab

Ryan McCullough - Andersen Construction

Dom Brassey - Mapbox

Ground Floor

Machine Learning 101

Virginia Ng - Mapbox

Matti Kakkori - Fracta

Nicolas Waissbluth - Mapdwell

Main Stage North

Collective IQ

Brandon D. Anderson - Raheem AI

Laura Bliss - CityLab

Charu Sharma -

Shannon Myricks - Mapbox

Ground Floor

Vision SDK Intro

Ground Floor

Vision SDK Deep Dive

Tory Smith - Mapbox

Code Lab

Tracking Michael Cohen in Moscow

Andrey Karmatsky - Urbica

Taya Lavrinenko - Urbica

Aaron Williams - MapD Technologies, Inc.

Donkeycar Race