10:15am - May 31st

A Map First World

Main Stage South

Maps and location are an integral part of consumer app experiences. Today’s consumers often need to know where something is, before they even need to know what it is. Location serves as the backbone for information displayed to the user, and a map-first UI can be more relevant than a list or text-first UI in many cases. In this session, we’ll deconstruct popular consumer apps to understand how they are integrating maps and location into their experiences to better engage their users.

Speakers: Aaron London, Judd Schoenholtz, Cady Wachsman, Alex White, Sebastien Westerduin, Ben Bajarin

Categories: Consumer

Aaron London

Head of iOS Development

Lonely Planet

Judd Schoenholtz


CEO & Co-Founder

Open Listings

Cady Wachsman

Cartography Design Manager


Alex White


VP Product


Sebastien Westerduin

Founder & CEO


Ben Bajarin



Creative Strategies, Inc.