2:15pm - May 31st

Hackbox — Creative Misuse Cases

Main Stage South

Over the years, Damon loved finding slightly unconventional ways to utilize our product. Or more importantly, the pluggability and flexibility of Mapbox tools and APIs have always made perfect sense for left-field "misuse cases". These "misuses" have led to a number of both fantastically frivolous AND incredibly useful projects, including: - Encoding elevation data into pictures - Post-punk elevation visualization (Joy Division elevation maps) - Visualizing when we'll be underwater - Animating weather data - Tiling non-geospatial data - Encoding data into efficiently striking formats - Axonometric point cloud maps - Borkenmaps, or: tweaking tiles for fun - 3D point cloud visualizations These are all non-traditional cross-pollinations of existing visualizations formats and data. Mapbox tools (from old-school tilemill to new-school studio) are the nexus of transcendence. OK maybe that is a bit flowery, but the idea is this: you shouldn't let norms and traditions define your approach, and our tools help you get weird with ease.

Speakers: Damon Burgett

Categories: Mapbox Tech Talk

Damon Burgett