3:45pm - May 30th

Human to Machine Interfaces: Designing the Autonomous World and Putting Humans First

Ground Floor

A look at the future of automotive UI from two people with experience in the trenches.

Tesla UX lead and Uber autonomous experience designer Brennan Boblett now leads Navigation Design at Mapbox. Brennan’s vision for driving experience has shaped a field. We’ve worked with Brennan since his time at Tesla leading and managing the UX design product across their luxury EV platform (Model S, X, 3), and Autopilot.

“It’s the car and the software working harmoniously together to create a unique experience that can be felt even before you sit down in the car.”

Over his five years working side-by-side with Elon he set a new bar for the entire auto industry. More recently at Uber, Brennan built the autonomous vehicles passenger experience and helped design the navigation app for Uber drivers.

Åsa Forstall, Customer Experience Manager at Rightware has been on the front lines of the automotive HMI revolution for four years. She passionately drives a design mindset and promotes real-time graphics, steering the industry from traditional UIs to truly responsive and personal user experiences.

Speakers: Åsa Forsell, Brennan Boblett

Categories: Auto / Mobility

Åsa Forsell


Customer Experience Manager


Brennan Boblett


Director of Design: Auto & Navigation