1:15pm - May 30th

LiDAR, Computer Vision, and the Software that Pulls them Together to Power Autonomous

Main Stage North

If we’re going to replace drivers in the car, technologies that allow sensing and perception are going to have to mimic the human ability to understand the environment, identify safe paths and react to changes in real time. The sensors that will enable this revolution are critical to making this a reality: LiDAR, computer vision, and the software that pulls them together. This panel will look at how those technologies will evolve with experts from the key fields.

Speakers: Forrest Iandola, Nikhil Naikal, Austin Russell, Tory Smith

Categories: Auto / Mobility

Forrest Iandola




Nikhil Naikal



Austin Russell


CEO & Founder


Tory Smith


Product Strategy Lead, Autonomous Vehicles