10:15am - May 31st

Maps Tipping the Balance of Power: Indigenous People, Public Health, and Civic Engagement

Main Stage North

We make maps for positive change on very different challenges. Emily Jacobi works with indigenous communities in the Amazon defending their lands from oil and mineral exploration. Anya A’Hearn makes visualizations to fight malaria. Nathan Williams helps citizens connect to their government. What we all share is dissatisfaction with just a pretty map, and hold out to see the lives of people and our planet improve in a tangible way. Join us to discuss the tactics for creating data, designing cartography, and coding maps to tip the balance of power.

Speakers: Anya A'Hearn, Emily Jacobi, Nathan Williams

Categories: Community

Anya A'Hearn


Founder & Executive Director


Emily Jacobi


Founder & Executive Director

Digital Democracy

Nathan Williams


Managing Director

Town Hall Project