1:15pm - May 30th

National Geographic and The Geographer of the United States of America have Coffee with Ira

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CEO of National Geographic, Gary Knell, and the Geographer of the United States, Lee Schwartz, talk cartography, sustainability of the planet, and how software is changing this age-old field. Tesla and Mapbox Board Member Ira Ehrenpreis of DBL Partners will facilitate the conversation.

Gary Knell, CEO of National Geographic

Since the beginning of time, humans have been explorers. And since a 1889 edition of the magazine, National Geographic has been making maps that tell of current events, give special glimpses into historical events, and inform us about our world and our environment. Gary Knell lead the privatization of National Geographic as part of a $ 1billion sale to Fox, generating a unique revenue share giving the non-profit arm, National Geographic Society, long term independence and the resources to map a whole new world.

Lee Schwartz, Geographer of the United States

The invasion of Costa Rica by Nicaragua at first looks like an error in Google maps. When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs complained to Google it revealed the mapping data of the region was obtained from the U.S. Department of State. Lee Schwartz, the Geographer of the United States of America (GOTUS), shares the challenge of managing officially recognized international boundaries, and map making for presidents, humanitarians, and the OpenStreetMap community.

Speakers: Gary Knell, Lee R. Schwartz, Ira Ehrenpreis

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