5:15pm - May 30th

Sand Dunes and Plasma Physics

Main Stage North

What do sand dunes and plasma physics have in common. No clue but this will be fun.

No GPS, no phones: Off-roading with Emily Miller

Thirty-six all-women race teams. 2,000 kilometers. 8-day race across the desert. Emily Miller started The Rebelle Rally, a women’s endurance rally across the Nevada and California deserts.

Earth-size explosions on the Sun

If we we look up to the Sun we see waves, sunquakes, flares, explosions, … bigger than the whole Earth. Bruno shares the best shots he took when mapping the sun for NASA and explains why the sun has major explosions that could cripple the earth’s utility grid and destroy the economy, and why taxpayers are funding NASA to map this live for early warning.

Speakers: Emily Miller, Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño

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