11:15am - May 30th

The Best Billion Dollars Ever Spent

Main Stage North

Google's Larry Page was quoted as telling the early Google Maps team that "We will have to spend billions of dollars on maps and it's worth it". From the early days of Google Maps to the launch of crowdsourcing of live data from your phone with Waze, that investment has revolutionized the mapping world, sparking the integration of location into the daily digital lives of billions of people. Hear from Manik Gupta and Di-Ann Eisnor about how the transformation of digital mapping into what it would become today: a living network of decentralized sensors mapping the world.

Speakers: Manik Gupta, Di-Ann Eisnor, Marc Prioleau

Categories: Logistics & Transportation

Manik Gupta


VP of Product


Di-Ann Eisnor


Director of Growth


Marc Prioleau


VP of Marketing