3:00pm - May 31st

The Rock N' Roll Cartographer

Ground Floor

Fans. Went. Nuts. Guns N’ Roses’ mega box set, Locked N’ Loaded, launched, and Rock N' Roll Cartographer Lee Martin built it all. Underneath those skulls is a dark map of the user’s current location, designed around people sharing their love of GNR, in the moment - in their town. Location has been at the heart of Lee Martin’s work in the music industry. Last year, Marilyn Manson fans woke up to a video of their house, accompanied by the audio of Manson’s single, “We know where you fucking live,” repeating as the satellite imagery spun like a record. Hear about Lee’s design process and how he built these incredible experiences.

Speakers: Lee Martin, Paul Goodman

Lee Martin

Designer and Developer

Paul Goodman


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