2:15pm - May 31st

Tracking Michael Cohen in Moscow

Code Lab

This talk led by MapD and Urbica walks you through how to combine Mapbox 60+ APIs and SDKs to build custom dashboards and data visualizations to better understand and derive insights from your data.

Moscow`s bike share Velobike has 400 stations and will reach 4M rides this summer. But like many station-based bike shares, Velobike faced issues with irregular route shifts and as a result, had inefficient bike availability at their stations. Urbica developed a solution that predicts bike station availability and allows supervisors to dispatch balancing drivers efficiently. Urbica is a team of developers, cartographers, designers, and data analysts. They work on projects connected with urban data, analysis, maps and data interfaces.

Aaron Williams of MapD will then cover how MapD optimized their geospatial analytics platform to be as lightweight and performant as possible.

Speakers: Andrey Karmatsky, Taya Lavrinenko, Aaron Williams

Categories: BI & Data Visualization

Andrey Karmatsky




Taya Lavrinenko


Lead Cartography Designer


Aaron Williams

VP of Global Community

MapD Technologies, Inc.